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Valve’s Index and Sony’s New VR Controller Looks Similar

Valve's Index and Sony's New VR Controller Looks Similar

A just lately printed patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment means that the corporate is engaged on a brand new VR movement controller, just like these for the Valve Index. The license for a “Controller Device” outlines an enter mechanism for a “house-use sport machine” that “detects the motion of a consumer’s hand.” Not solely that, however, the equipment options “a plurality of sensor models that detect the fingers of the person.”Valve's Index and Sony's New VR Controller Looks Similar

Within the picture above, you may see design not too dissimilar to present VR controllers; the consumer matches their hand right into a strap and wraps their fingers across the again of the system to grip.

The sensor models talked about above are positioned the place the fingers would like relaxation identical to the sensors on the Index controllers or these embedded in an Oculus Touch controller. When the fingers are wrapped across the sensor, the controllers can relay that info to a given VR sport and mirror the consumer’s in-recreation palms as making a fist or grabbing an object. When the sensors can’t discover a finger, they’ll assume it’s prolonged outwards and replicate that in-app.

Once more, this has been a characteristic in PC VR setups for just a few years now; however, no such character exists within the PlayStation Move movement controllers for the unique PSVR. The patent’s publication, this might point out that Sony is seeking to implement this sort of finger monitoring into new movement controllers for its rumored PSVR 2 headset, regarded as launching for the upcoming PS5 console.

In this manner, the controller could possibly simulate the grabbing of digital objects, a lot in the identical approach Valve’s Index controllers do.

In the meantime, on the entrance of the system, we will see what seems like four face buttons with what may both be a fifth bigger button within the center or, probably, an analog stick, a characteristic that’s sorely lacking within the present Move controllers for PSVR.

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