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Twitter Launches Update for Missing Polls on iOS

Twitter Launches Update for Missing Polls on iOS

Twitter has made a pair of modifications to the iPhone and iPad today. The company is releasing a repair for a bug that caused polls not to appear in Twitter for iOS application. At the same time, it’s making a critical tweak to the redesigned iPad application it released two months ago.Twitter Launches Update for Missing Polls on iOS

Twitter says that it’s rolling out model 8.7.1 of the Twitter for iOS app with a repair for a bug that meant polls would not appear for users on iPhone.

In the meantime, Twitter has further changed the Twitter app on the iPad. In December, Twitter launched a new version of its iPad app that added a second column along the right side, focused on trending topics and search.

This update faced criticism from many users who didn’t want to look at trending topics.

As first pointed out by Federico Viticci, Twitter has added a new setting that permits users to cover the right-hand column altogether. Users can find this setting by looking in the “Display and sound” choices in the Twitter app, and toggling the “Show search column” setting.

Hiding the search column entirely means users are back to a Twitter for iPad app that is a single timeline of tweets in the center, flanked by white space on both facets.

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