Now Microsoft Is Closing Its Internet Board & Card Games

Now Microsoft Is Closing Its Internet Board & Card Games

Microsoft has already given users of older Windows versions some not-so-delicate hints that it is time to transfer on. Now, it is giving them more of a push by removing things dear to their hearts: their board and card games. The software giant is shutting down a number of Internet Games for people using Windows 7 and earlier, together with Backgammon, Checkers, Hearts, Reversi, Spades and MSN Go. Just if you’ll lose access will rely on your model of Windows.

The first ones to lose access can be Windows XP and Windows ME users. For them, compatible games (all the things except MSN Go) will vanish in mere days on July 31st, 2019. Windows 7 users will get a little bit of a break. They’re going to have access to Backgammon, Checkers, Spades and MSN Go until January 22, 2020, or roughly a week after Microsoft ends normal assist for Windows 7 itself.

There are bound to be web-based equivalents to those games, so that you may not be fully stuck when you’re determined to play something on an older PC. Microsoft would no doubt favor that you upgrade to a Windows 10 system and play something from its own app store, although. As it’s, it is almost stunning that assist did not finish earlier. Microsoft stopped common upkeep of Windows XP and ME years ago — Internet Games on these platforms had been clearly living on borrowed time, and Windows 7 is not far behind.

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