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Microsoft Flags 13 New Titles for Xbox Series X

Microsoft Flags 13 New Titles for Xbox Series X

With conferences canceled indefinitely, companies are more and more reliant on online events to hype product launches. As they put together to release a next-gen console earlier than the tip of the year, expect loads of live streams and blogs from both Microsoft and Sony in an attempt to flesh out all that their own methods have to offer.

Microsoft Flags 13 New Titles for Xbox Series X

Today, Microsoft took to YouTube, Mixer, and Twitch to give the world a greater idea of what to expect from the upcoming Xbox Series X release.

The latest updates have, understandably, been largely focused on the console, as the company makes an attempt to distinguish from the upcoming PlayStation — in any case, the methods will likely be launched within weeks of one another.

The corporate hasn’t issued specific dates for titles (those will largely be dependent on the publisher), but the latest blog post notes, “Our purpose remains to launch Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite this Holiday.” Clearly, Microsoft’s language is more unsure than earlier — after all, these are unsure times people are dwelling in.

All the above titles are “Xbox Series X Optimized,” which implies they’ll be able to be performed in 4K at 120FPS, load faster, and utilize DirectX raytracing, among others. Nine of the 13 also use Microsoft’s Smart Delivery System, which saves customers from having to rebuy titles, regardless of the console it’s played on.

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