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GPU Chipmaker Imagination Passing Management to Chinese Investor

GPU Chipmaker Imagination Passing Management to Chinese Investor

Issues with Apple’s graphics processing unit chip manufacture partner Imagination have been revived once more, but not for the same reason as 2017. The UK-based chip developer is swiftly responding to the likelihood that its state-run Chinese investor is planning to take over control of Imagination. The problem may have privacy ramifications Apple, an on-again-off-again buyer of Imagination GPU chips.

GPU Chipmaker Imagination Passing Management to Chinese Investor

Imagination has reportedly called an emergency board meeting for next week to plan a response to the four China Reform Holdings representatives being appointed as directors of the board.

Senior MPs, along with the chairpersons of four Commons select committees, have been alerted to the move, and are this weekend planning to urge Boris Johnson to intervene on the grounds of potential risks to national security.

The government intelligence agency, GCHQ, and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have also been informed of the advancements, based on Westminster insiders.

The problem does root back to Apple’s past with Imagination, nonetheless, when the chip manufacturer was pressured to sell to an outside investor after losing Apple’s business. Apple moved from third-party mobile GPUs to building in-house solutions.

Apple struck a new agreement with Imagination at the beginning of this year for reasons unknown. If Imagination does lose management over its assets to a Chinese state-owned investor, Apple’s latest contract with Imagination ought to come into question.

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