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Disney+, Netflix Heat up Competition in streaming Industry

Disney+, Netflix Heat up Competition in streaming Industry

Disney+ is planning to expand its streaming service to Europe as massive swathes of the continent are locked down due to the highly contagious COVID-19.

Disney+, Netflix Heat up Competition in streaming Industry

The American titan, which dominates the streaming industry, started life in 1998 as a DVD-by-mail rental firm before dipping into a video on demand as a perk for its clients.

It set the template for the month-to-month subscription model that others had been to follow in 2007, and now claims 167 million subscribers in 190 nations.

Netflix has moved into production, with acclaimed movies like the Oscar-winning “Marriage Story” and Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman,” including to its portfolio of mostly bought-in top-end series.

While series and documentaries are its bread and butter, the streaming titan is now shifting into game shows, reality TV and light entertainment.

While the e-commerce titan launched its first video service back in 2006, it wasn’t till four years ago that it attacked the international streaming industry.

It has since courted some of the largest titles in Hollywood and is making a one-billion-dollar series adaptation of “Lord of the Rings” to bolster its catalog of 12,000 films and 50,000 bought-in television episodes.

Now available in 200 nations, it claims to have 150 million users, with the service free to Amazon Prime clients, which further takes in speedy delivery and music streaming.

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