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Apple’S iOS14 to Add New Notification Triggers and AR in Find My

Apple’S iOS14 to Add New Notification Triggers and AR in Find My

Apple’s Find My application is slated to include useful new features in iOS 14, along with augmented reality (AR) mode and new location triggers.

Apple’S iOS14 to Add New Notification Triggers and AR in Find My

Find My is Apple’s standalone app on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and internet for finding misplaced devices and sharing location with family and pals. Beginning with iOS 13, Apple combined Find My iPhone and Find My Friends merging gadget tracking and location sharing in a single app.

iOS 14 will include a new notification characteristic for the location-sharing a part of Find My. Particularly, the updated app will embody a new option to receive a notification when someone doesn’t arrive at a specific location at a scheduled time of day.

The brand new feature to receive alerts when somebody doesn’t arrive at a location on time will end in fewer notifications for folks monitoring kids arriving at school or partners tracking different partner’s arrival at work.

The new alert choices will also embrace being notified when a contact leaves a location before a set time.

The updated Find My app in iOS 14 will also work with augmented reality headsets. ARKit, Apple’s augmented reality developer framework, consists of headset mode within the upcoming software update.

Users will be able to find visually using augmented reality for more exact directions from nearby places, along with the upcoming Apple AirTag device trackers.

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